Friday, July 4, 2014

And There Went June...

I suspect that last month was the first time since I started regularly posting to this blog that I've missed an entire month of blogging.  (I will resist being anal and going through my archives to confirm this.)  My lack of writing here is partly due to having fallen out of the habit during my year of soul-crushing exam preparation, but more so to the sense that the girlfriend and I have of needing to make every moment together count.  With her move now less than two months away, it feels like we need to spend every spare minute creating memories to carry us through the three years of separation.

And create memories we have.  At the beginning of June, I had two weeks of holidays, the first of which I spent at home on a glorious staycation.  On days when the girlfriend worked, I spent my time sleeping in and reading and generally being lazy; on the few days when the girlfriend wasn't working, we wandered the streets and ate in favourite restaurants and watched way too much Food Network.  We also did a walking tour of a historical district, which was a great way of learning some of the history of our city.  I took the pictures, while the girlfriend jotted down interesting facts in her notebook.  (Apparently she's just as geeky as I am.  I love it!)

For the second week, we rented a cabin a few hours outside of the city with the intention of hiking and canoeing and being out in the wilderness.  And then we discovered that 1) our cabin got high-speed internet and 2) the second season of Orange is the New Black had just been released, and it turned into a very lazy week of eating and sleeping and binging on Netflix.  I couldn't have asked for anything better.

The only time we left the cabin for an extended period of time was when we went on a day a grain elevator museum.  (Three guesses whose choice that was*.  The first two don't count.)  The girlfriend is clearly infinitely patient, as she drove two hours each way to see....grain elevators.  She even allowed me to stop at two grain elevators on the way to the grain elevator museum.  I think that's the definition of true love.

So that's part one of June.  Part two will have to wait, as I just spent way too long Skyping with the girlfriend, who is away for work, and I need to sleep rather than keep writing here.  Perhaps there will be two posts in July - yay! 

*For some reason, Blogger has decided to turn the pictures in my previous post sideways.  I may fix that someday when I have more patience and energy than I currently have.  For now, my apologies.  They're really cool pictures that you just can't appreciate because Blogger is buggy.


Liana said...

There is a grain elevator museum? I guess that is less weird than the stuffed gopher museum we have in southern Alberta.

Those sound like wonderful trips. Hope you are having a great summer... and that maybe you have some plans to visit the girlfriend after she moves?

Kate P said...

Grain elevator museum--sounds unique! Also, is there really such a thing as too much Food Network?