Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Night Purrs (No Hiss)

Oh, what a crabby person I've been this week.  I've allowed myself to be upset about the fact that I was on call and that my office is inaccessible due to a toilet that overflowed one floor above the power room*.  I could write another whiny post about all of the bad, but I'm getting really tired of hearing myself complain, so instead I'm going to talk about the good things (big and small) in my life at the moment.


1)  The girlfriend and I made an extra-large batch of tuna noodle casserole last night, so we got to come home to tasty comfort food that required zero effort.  And it isn't takeout sushi, so it's frugal to boot.

2)  The girlfriend convinced me to not watch Top Chef last night, so I get to enjoy my favourite show on Friday night.  Go Marjorie!

(I was going to insert a picture of Marjorie here, but I realized that I would most likely end up spoiling the episode for myself, so no visuals.)

3)  It is warm and sunny, and I can hear the sound of cars driving through melting snow through our open balcony door.

4)  New books from the library!  My reading goal for the year is to start** all of the books on the Canada Reads longlist, and I have three of them sitting on my coffee table.

5)  As I type this, my girlfriend is making homemade pizza dough for a dinner party on Sunday.  She is an incredible baker, and her pizza is better than most of what you can get in a restaurant. 

6)  Hagen Daas.

7)  Thanks to being on call, I've earned enough to cover all my expenses for the month, so every penny I earn for the rest of the month can go to debt repayment.

8)  If I use very generous calculations and include the value of my car, I'm almost at a net worth of zero.  For the first time in about nine years.

9)  I am only one week behind on paperwork.  After leaving a giant stack of paperwork behind to go to a conference, this is major progress.  Starting work early and leaving late pays off.

10)  Saturday morning brunch date.

What are your purrs for the week?

*Good design there, architect.

**I recently forced myself to finish reading a book that I absolutely hated, because I thought it was "good for me".  All that it really accomplished was that I stopped reading for a few weeks, because I couldn't stand the book.  I've now decided that if I am really not enjoying a book that I don't have to finish it.