Thursday, May 12, 2016

The (Hopefully) Lowest Point of Our Trip

Me to my girlfriend at 3 am this morning:  "I think I'm going to have diarrhea again.  Do you need to vomit, or can I use the bathroom first?"



  1. Oh, now!!! Hope you were able to get an antiemetic for the GF & Lomotil (????) for yourself!

    Hope you're feeling much better!

  2. Ick! Sorry!

    HOpe everything is going much better now.

    But let me ask your professional opinion prompted from comment above. I never take anti-emetics or anti-diarrhea medicines, no matter how sick I get. I figure that if my body is forcefully expelling things, they need to get forcefully expelled. I do not eschew antibiotics when I need them to get things under control, and I've used rehydration salts and the like. If I were in danger of harm from dehydration etc. then I would, but barring that - is it better to take these things or not?

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