Friday, September 29, 2017

Things that are Hard After a Breakup

Being one person in a bed meant for two*.
Discovering she took the popcorn after you plug in the popcorn maker.
Paying fees to change the plane tickets for a trip you were planning together.
Losing custody of your Wednesday night trivia team.
Running into her friends and not knowing whether they know.
Running into her friends and knowing that they know.
Leaving the carrots out of your soup because she took the peeler.
Becoming solely responsible for the emotional needs of your cats.
Changing the beneficiary on your investments.
To your mother.

*Also awesome.


  1. Yeah, running into her friends will be hard. But yay for not having to share the bed!

  2. As a private person who never used social media with my real identity, I often wondered how people navigate the news of a breakup - it’s awkward enough going through it without having to also figure out how to tell everyone who should probably know.

    But yay for sole custody of the bed.