Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wasn't there a blog here?

If you stopped by here any time after the middle of September, you may have noticed that my previously active blog had suddenly disappeared.  It hadn't become password-protected, as often happens with medical blogs, but rather it had completely disappeared from the face of the earth.  As if it had never existed. 

What happened, you ask?  Well...let's just say that something random and unfortunate happened at work, and the shit hit the proverbial fan.  I can't talk about it here, but I will say that it was awful and terrifying and left me wondering for a while if I would have a career in medicine*.  I hate even thinking back to it.

When "the situation" happened, there was suddenly vastly more attention being paid to me by the people in power.  And it occurred to me that the last thing I needed was for someone to discover my blog.  While I've always been cognizant of patient confidentiality, and I've tried to err on the side of saying too little, I was worried that someone who was looking for something to be upset about could easily find that something on my blog.  So I took it down.

In the past four months, the shit has settled almost completely.  My dear girlfriend has supported me through many rough days, as have the people at work who know me and work with my directly.  If you ever need to hear positive things about yourself, screw something up royally.  Suddenly all of your supporters will come out in full force.

So...that's my vague story about where I've been since September.  I'm writing this now, in part, as an explanation for anyone out there who wondered what had happened to me.  I'm also on elective in a different province, so I suddenly find myself with extra time on my hands and thinking about the good old days of blogging.  I don't know if blogging here will ever become a regular activity again, but it's possible.

We shall see.

*It didn't, however, involve harm to a patient or a malpractice case or anything of the sort.  Thank all that is good in the world.


  1. Yeay!!! You're BACK! I was thinking, "umm, how do I get ahold of SD to get the password for her blog..." and could not.

    Welcome back - I've missed you!

  2. I've missed you! Happy to see you back...hopefully more?

  3. Welcome back, so happy that you had a group of loyal supporters to get you through a tough time.

  4. I'm still here and glad you're back. Sorry about what happened, but at least the dust has settled now.

  5. Welcome back! Your posts were always so insightful and great to read (and your comments always made my day!) I'm so sorry about what happened at work, but I'm glad to see you back!

  6. I WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT YOU! I'm really glad you're okay. And that you're back. Even if you will be posting less than before. Keep well, Solitary - I missed you (is that weird?).

  7. Thanks for the update! I missed your posts too. I'm glad that things worked out.