Saturday, August 8, 2015

This Counts as a Post

I'm three minutes away from our scheduled departure time for a wedding in Middle-of-Nowhere, Canada, so this will be the briefest of brief. 

This is my third wedding of five (one of my family members, one of my friends, three of the girlfriend's friends) this summer, and I'm starting to wish that we had a smaller social circle.  While I have nothing against the idea of weddings (love, commitment, buffets), the actual act of attending a wedding is not my preferred thing.  Too many people (particularly too many people I don't know) for an introvert.

But what to do?  People host weddings, other people attend.  It's the social convention.  So I'll pull out my fancy dress one more time and pretend that I'm having fun, even though I really just want to wear sweat pants and work on my knitting*.

*It's entirely possible that I'll knit at the wedding.  I'm not above that.


  1. Weddings make me wish the same, honestly. Just because as much as I love my friends, I don't love wedding season. I wanted a really low key wedding thing years ago and offered my MOH the opportunity to wear sweats if she wanted, but she declined. I felt vaguely disappointed.

    (found you thanks to Nicole & Maggie. feel like I ought to explain that for some reason.)

  2. I'm not big on weddings myself, which is why mine took place in a back yard with twenty five people and was pot luck. Five weddings in one summer seems excessive. Yikes. Knitting does sound like a good way to pass time at the reception, though. I'll have to keep that in mind now that my social circle is entering that phase where lots of weddings are starting to happen.