Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Forced Holidays

I've been feeling quite resentful about having only three days of holidays for Christmas this year*.  For the past two years, I've had a full week off, and I've loved having some time to sleep and read and recuperate, in addition to the time spent rushing around celebrating with family.  I can't complain too much, though, as the short holiday was entirely my own doing.  Back in July, when I was feeling crippled by my six-figure debt, I decided it would be best to maximize my income by taking as little time off as possible.  (Big mistake)

Apparently, my body decided this week that it was finished with my busy work schedule that has far too often spilled over into the evenings and weekends.  When I started my afternoon clinic yesterday afternoon, I noticed that my throat was a little sore, and my energy level was starting to wane.  By the third patient, I was starting to feel like death.  By the end of clinic, I wasn't certain that I would make it home.  I spoke with my clerk before leaving for the day, who told me that I had seven new patients in today's morning clinic.  I bravely said "I'll be there" as I left her office, but by the time I made it to my office I had started rigoring.  Who was I kidding?  I called her back and cancelled today's clinic.

After 17 hours in bed, three naproxens, and a good schluck of generic Nyquil, I'm starting to feel human again.  My plan for the day is to spend most of it on the couch catching up on the Walking Dead.  There will also be lots of juice, chicken noodle soup, and maybe some Kraft dinner.  If I feel really ambitious, I'll make creme brulee for Christmas eve dessert.  We shall see.

Wishing everyone who celebrates it a Merry Christmas!  Hope you're feeling better than I am.

*For the people in healthcare and other fields who have to work through holiday, I am truly sorry.  Been there, done that.  I know that three days off is better than many people get.


  1. Sleeping really is wonderful, isn't it?

    1. Yes! There are few things in this world that are better.