Saturday, March 28, 2015

Shopping Woes

Earlier this week, the girlfriend and I were watching a documentary about people who are transgendered, and we got to discussing whether either of us had ever wanted to be male.  While neither of us has ever felt any particular desire to be a man, we both recognized that being part of the opposite sex would bring a few advantages.  For me, I would love to never, ever again be mistaken for a nurse.  Not having periods would be awesome.  And today, as I was wriggling into and out of ill-fitting work clothes at the mall, I was reminded of how much easier men have it when it comes to clothing.

Men's work clothes are simple:  dress pants, dress shirt, tie (if a bit formal), and jacket (if more formal).  Done.  My male colleagues can spend 20 minutes in a store and walk out with enough clothing for a year. 

Not so much for women. 

Instead of a classic suit that fits everyone, women get to contend with multiple styles of pants, skirts, and dresses, none of which seem to have been designed to look good on a real live woman who actually consumes food.  And then there are the ridiculous tops, which are one or more of too see-through, too low-cut, too gaudy, or too difficult and time-consuming to wash to be worn in a professional setting.  Seriously - what resident wants to spend their limited time off hand washing their work clothes?

Not this resident.

Can we just agree to let all doctors wear scrubs?

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  1. Yes to scrubs!

    I bought several blouses last year because I had none that were appropriate for work, and when I started wearing them realized that they ALL expose my bras straps constantly. WHY WOULD YOU DESIGN ALL YOUR SHIRTS TO DO THAT?!


    On the upside: dresses. If I could just find some good stylish shoes that have no heel, then I'd wear dresses all the time. Nothing to match to anything, just one thing on and go.