Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Binge Watching Stranger Things (Slight Spoiler Alert for Anyone who has been Living Under a Rock and has not Watched the Show)

This past weekend, when I was feeling a bit bored and aimless, I tried to watch a few different shows on Netflix.  Orange is the New Black, Gilmore Girls, Breaking Bad.  Even though I've enjoyed all of them in the past, I couldn't quite get into them again.  I was beginning to think that I had moved beyond television and become someone who just does intellectual things like read books and drink sherry.

And then I started watching Stranger Things last night, and OMG it is so scary, but I can't stop watching it.  Every light in my apartment is on, and I'm probably going to have to sleep on the couch with the cats because my bedroom is now scary, but I really need to know what happens.

Also...the Chief of Police is an idiot.

And I really wish Eleven could talk more, because really?  Do we need to have a major female character who doesn't say more than 2 or 3 words at a time?

And that is my blog post for tonight, because I'm on episode 5 and I need to go to bed soon because my clinic starts at 7 am.

I will not start episode 6 tonight.

Probably not.

Although if I'm lying awake on the couch unable to sleep, what's the harm in watching another episode?


  1. I remember reading a scary book once. Even though every light in the house was on, I had to go sit on the floor with my back against the wall.

    1. I had that experience reading IT as a child.

      Which I really shouldn't be thinking about, as it's time to go to bed.

  2. I really like Nordic mysteries/police procedurals and recently found out that there are a lot available in movie form. I am thinking of subscribing to Amazon U.K. to be able to stream them on cold, dark nights. I even like the subtitled stuff. Maybe you should hold off on some of Stranger Things until your vacation.

  3. OMG we're watching Season 2 right now!! HIVE MIND. We can only do two episodes at once, because otherwise it's too scary. Then afterwards, we have to watch a half hour of something friendly, like Brooklyn 99.