Saturday, November 4, 2017

I Just Need to Write Something, Right?

You know when you have an entire day to do something, like write a blog post, so you dither around doing other stuff, like checking Twitter every 7 minutes to see if someone has posted a cute animal/baby photo?  And then suddenly it's 6 PM and you need to cook something, because the broccoli you bought last week really should have been used yesterday, and it has to be quick, because you need to be at your friend's house by 8?

Yup...That's my current state of inspiration.

As for why I need to be at my friend's house by 8...apparently I agreed to go dancing tonight.  Which is so completely unlike me that I must be mistaken.  I know that I am an awkward dancer and that I hate crowds and that my kittens expect me to spend Saturday nights with them on the couch, so it must not actually have been me who agreed to this.

Apparently when you're single and you have already dated all four women from the online dating site, you are willing to do things waaay outside your comfort zone.  Like dancing.  And talking to strangers.

Wish me luck.


  1. OMG! You are so brave (and hilarious). Hope it was a) a super fun night or b) a disaster that will make a great story later in life!