Tuesday, November 21, 2017

When Things Are Just Hard

My ex-girlfriend came over this evening to drop off a suitcase she had borrowed* and to pick up some things she had left behind.  It was emotional and awful, even though two and a half months have already passed.  I wanted to say or do something that would make it better, but there isn't anything to say or do.  This is just hard.

Like many things in life are hard.  Sometimes there is no fixing separation and loneliness and illness and death.  And all you can do is give someone the biggest hug possible and cry.

*Brilliantly, she forgot the suitcase.


  1. Sometimes all you can do is let the person know they're not alone. *hugs*

  2. Be kind to yourself. That's the best advice I ever received after a breakup.

    This is little comfort to hear now, but I will still say, perhaps one day you will find the situation is not as bleak as it seems. I am good friends with two of my exes, even though our breakups were painful and full of the backlash of feelings we'd repressed during the relationship. There is another I am not in contact with and I have no regrets about the experience, even though in hindsight we had a bad relationship and I don't wish to see them again. There will be peace.

  3. I can only send you a virtual hug from here, but it comes from the heart.

  4. Many virtual hugs from Vancouver!! As well as a genuine LOL about forgetting the suitcase.